Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wine & Painting

Who ever came up with this idea is genius. Although, my insecurity level  was on the rise and the thought of a not so skilled painter could come out looking like a pro left me a bit skeptical, I must say I was pretty impressed by the results considering it was my first time painting while chugging a wine cooler in the other but, hey it was all in good fun. Its something I would try many more times around especially when you feel under the weather and need a little pick me up from it all. It was also very therapeutic to the soul and with that it brings me that much closer to unlocking that door that I've kept locked away for so long. The craft chickie is slowly emerging free. A slight dose of what brings me closer to happiness is the little things such as painting or having an hour or two to converse over coffee means a lot to this simple yet misunderstood chick a dee.

                                                   A Self Portrait Drawing Maddie did @ 2
                                       An Old Painting I did to put a smile on shawn's lil face.    
                                           The final results when you mix wine and painting. 
                                       This is what it looks like to have fun with good people!
                                                                  Lauren & Angela     
                                          I cant wait for the many more adventures to come....

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